As a Design Research Manager

Developing Mews' Design Research discipline

Design Research discipline set-up and scale-up process
Developing a Community of Practice in a remote and multicultural setting
Led Mews' Product Analytics and Research impact Factor design
Leading a team of researchers with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds collaborating remotely across Europe.

Supporting career development for IC and leadership paths, aiming to build a community of practice where knowledge production occurs while developing our sense of belonging and collaboration in line with Mews' organizational values.

Developing the team's culture and processes to reflect our ethics and beliefs, aligning with Mews' values and the Design Team's culture.

Oversaw the development of Mews' product analytics system, enabling strategic decision-making regarding product design and optimization. Utilized product performance data to drive business development initiatives, guiding backlog prioritization for Research and Development (RnD) and Go-To-Market (GTM) functions. Additionally, at a ReOps level, led the Design Research impact factor to track the impact of product enhancements, promoting buy-in for the discipline by demonstrating its business value in alignment with Mews' Key Results (KRs).
Established the Design Research Team from scratch, amidst high uncertainty and in a fast-paced environment. For ReOps setup, this includes optimizing processes, developing comprehensive documentation, efficient project & stakeholder management, and promoting collaboration across various domains, breaking silos. This facilitates a seamless shift between tactical and strategic priorities, in line with business goals and vision.
The two core foundational developments:
  • Product Analytics performance system.
  • Continuous Discovery Process for embedded collaboration model.