ethnography inspired design & innovation

Hi! I'm Samanta, Design Researcher & Innovation Strategist with a background in Sociocultural Anthropology, designing meaningful and relevant solutions for, from, and with the people, within diversity.

With 10+ years of experience in ethnographic design research, I drive value and impact in the following areas:

Product & Service Design Research

black and gray laptop computer beside black mug
black and gray laptop computer beside black mug
queen and king chess pieces on board
queen and king chess pieces on board
silhouette of nine persons standing on the hill
silhouette of nine persons standing on the hill

Participatory Architecture Consulting (Livingston Method)

Business Strategy & innovation

Inclusive Leadership & People Experience

Interior Design Experience Consulting

Micro, middle, and macro range research

Conducting micro, middle, and macro range research allows to gain comprehensive insights into people needs, market trends, and industry dynamics, enabling companies to make informed decisions and develop innovative, successful products. By considering the value cycle between every stage of its research development, we can foster sustainability, but also help organisations evolve their business through developing research maturity. Thus, growth occurs in every level (human, economic, technologic, operational, etc.).


  • Shapes individual experiences with focus on daily interactions.

  • Focuses on a single project

  • Covers a single team or area

  • Micro level (Zoom-in)

  • Focused on Delivery (Execution)

  • Focused on the How (Product)

  • Suitable for situated analysis


  • Shapes holistic experiences with a broader study on measurable interactions over time.

  • Focuses on many projects

  • Spans many cross-functional areas

  • Macro level (Zoom-out)

  • Focused on Value (Business)

  • Focused on the Why (Proposition)

  • Suitable for trend analysis

The design research value

Conducting a research project implies knowledge production and in order to approach to knowledge, we need to go through a learning process. Thus, conducting research in any organisation is about creating the best possible conditions to enable a learning experience that is relevant for the business, the users or consumers, and even the organisation goals.

Through a knowledge based strategy in business development and design, companies can evolve in their maturity, leading to resource optimisation and growth in as many areas as the organisation allows.

The research capability can provide the knowledge for not just for market fit and resilience but also to explore new territories inside and outside the organisation.